How RxClub America Co-op Works

The RxClub America Health Care Co-Op is an education based grassroots system of personal health management and reform where motivated members are rewarded financially for being compliant in the management of their health.  Our business structure allows consumers to network with functional medicine clinicians who provide the guidance for success!  Addressing the cause of a health challenge rather than merely treating the symptom is the mantra by which we work.  Positive outcomes, clinically and economically, is the goal for which we strive.  Likeminded people working toward success is the basis for our Co-Op!

Co-Op participation requirements and benefits:

  • A onetime membership fee of $99.95 plus shipping and handling of startup packet
  • Enrollment fee provides
    • A self replicating webpage to allow member to manage membership information and ordering
    • Two bottles of SUPER RX Omega-3 fish oil – a high quality prescription grade product foundational for healing and health maintenance.  Retail value = $119.90
    • Startup materials and literature
  • Discounts on products and services available through the Co-Op
  • Qualified members are eligible to receive monthly profit sharing.  Qualification is determined by points earned for monthly purchase of all products and services except clinical consultations
  • Referring (sponsoring) others to join our Co-Op enhances qualified members’ profiting sharing but is not a requirement for the first two levels of participation within a member’s business matrix
  • 10% discount on professional clinical consultations provided by RxClub America Co-Op clinician members.  Our clinicians are comprised of various medical disciplines (MD’s, ND’s, DO’s, DC’s, etc.), nutritionists, pharmacists, PharmD’s, Doctors of Pharmacy, life coaches, and RN’s