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No more waiting around in doctors’ offices! Get your health and prescription questions professionally answered, from the comfort of your own home. At RxClub America Health Care network we try to make sure we’re listening to our clients. Since our pharmacists’ consultations are billed by the minute, you get to decide how long you need to talk to us. Consultations are available from other qualified functional medicine clinicians as well.  You do not have to be a member of our network to request a consultation, however, you will pay the full price instead of the discounted member price.  Consider joining the RxClub before submitting your consult request.

Fill out a detailed health evaluation form online, before the consultation. Please be as specific, exact, and complete with current information regarding your health.  Also, please state the nature of your request or concerns so that we can target these issues thoroughly although all matters pertaining to your health will be discussed based on the information you submit.  We will email you to schedule a consultation. In the event we need to do specialized research for a particular medication or condition, we do that on our own time. We use billable consultation time only to answer your questions, discuss your prescriptions and recommend changes in diet and particular supplementation, if needed.


Pharmacists’ consultations cost $2.99 per minute and are billed to your credit card.  When the actual consultation starts, calls are timed by your consultant and then your credit card is billed.  We obtain your billing information at the outset before the actual consultation commences. The length of the call is determined by you depending on how many questions you may have. For a simple consultation and prescription evaluation, we recommend 15 – 20 minutes. If you are chronically ill and taking multiple medications for a long time, the call can take longer. 

A consultation fee for member clinicians other than our pharmacist members is negotiated with each clinician that you select or is assigned to provide you guidance in your health management.

Now, to start the process and submit a request, please complete, and submit the RxClub Nutrition, Lifestyle, & Medical Questionnaire

Follow-Up Consultations

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