RxClub America offers Associate Members the opportunity to earn weekly commissions and residual income by referring others to our membership, products and services. All overrides, commissions and residual income are based upon sales of products and services.

The RxClub America compensation plan is a simple and straight forward Matrix Compensation Plan specially designed for the RxClub America's and it's referral program. Each Qualified Member is issued an income tracking center immediately when they register with an initial enrollment pack ($99.95 plus shipping). Qualified Members are not required to enroll or sponsor any Members to earn referral commissions from the first two levels of their referral group however, to earn additional income from their third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh levels, they must meet certain qualifications.

Qualifications for Earning Residual income is as follows:

  • Qualified Member -- Must have purchased an initial starter pack and maintain monthly autoship of 60 BV: Earns 7% first level and 7% second level volume.
  • Silver Member -- Maintain a minimum autoship of 60 BV and enroll one Member. Earn an additional 8% on third level volume.
  • Gold Member -- Maintain a minimum autoship of 60 BV and enroll two Members. Earn an additional 8% on fourth level volume.
  • Platinum Member -- Maintain a minimum autoship of 60 BV and enroll three Members. Earn an additional 8% on
    fifth level volume.
  • Emerald Member -- Maintain a minimum autoship of 60 BV and enroll four Members. Earn an additional 8% on sixth level volume.
  • Diamond Member -- Maintain a minimum autoship of 60 BV and enroll five Members. Earn an additional 8% on seventh level volume.

Enroll 5 and qualify for earnings on all 7 levels; once qualified, always qualified!.

BV, or Business Volume

BV or Business Volume is a point system generated by your retail sales, autoships and membership recruiting. You are paid no later than ten days following the end of a pay month on all Business Volume (BV) accumulates in your qualified pay levels during the previous month.

It’s important to note that an Associate Member must first be Qualified (purchased a starter kit -- $99.95 plus shipping) and remain Active (60 BV per Month, which is BV Generated from your own website) to receive commissions.

Associate Members (Non-Qualified members) may purchase products at wholesale and sell retail by completing a Membership application and paying a $69.95 annual administration fee, but will not be eligible for commissions.

So, it’s that easy! Simply complete becoming qualified, remain active and refer our membership opportunity to others and you will be on your way to a new and exciting income!

What is Auto Ship?
As insurance that you will never be without our flagship Super RX Omega-3 Fish Oil concentrate and to provide even more earning power for our Associate Members, RxClub America has an Auto Ship program. Auto Ship allows Members to choose our existing package of Super RX Omega-3 Fish Oil concentrate (2 bottles is a one month supply) to be shipped once a month, on the date of their original order. Auto Ship also insures that Associate Members will qualify automatically each month and will be qualified for commissions and BV accumulation.

Why is Auto Ship important?
In addition to the deep discount, there are 60 BV associated with every Basic Auto Ship purchase and 90 BV with the Leadership pack. By design, 60 BV is also the monthly minimum required in order to keep your business center active and qualified to earn all referral commissions. Obviously, if enrolled in Auto Ship - with valid payment information - there's no problem in meeting the monthly minimum. In addition, there is no fear of BV flushing due to inactivity in your business center at the end of any given month.